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Become a Proud Member of

"The be Part of the Positive" Initiative

Do you want to be a proud supporter of our town centre? 

What We Do

Business Collaborations: Through partnerships and joint ventures, we bring together businesses of all sizes to share knowledge, resources, and expertise.

  Community Initiatives: Our efforts go beyond businesses; we actively seek feedback from our local community to understand their needs and concerns, aiming to help create a town center that everyone can be proud of.

  Promotion & Support: With initiatives like our "Safer Business Action Week" and our "Be Part of the Positive" initiative, we address pressing issues and champion uplifting changes that impact our town and its businesses.

  Investment in Growth: We celebrate new businesses and ventures, understanding that every enterprise plays a crucial role in our town's economic ecosystem.


Why GRIP CIC and the 2025 Group?

The "2025 Group" embodies the ambitious vision laid out by North East Lincolnshire Council for our town's forthcoming transformation.

With the anticipated completion of most regeneration projects by the end of 2025, this group is dedicated to being an active pillar of support and advocacy for the town centre's evolution.

We aim not just to witness the change, but to champion and elevate every phase of the town's development journey.

This initiative gathers North East Lincolnshire Council, local businesses, community groups and residents who are deeply invested in the evolution and vibrancy of our town centre.

More than just a date on the calendar, "2025" symbolises our collective ambition for the town's regeneration. 

By rallying behind the "Be Part of the Positive" movement, we're determined to showcase the potential of our town across all platforms, influence its transformation positively, and instill a sense of community pride in every corner. 

Our aim isn't just to adapt to change, but to proactively shape it, ensuring that Grimsby's future is as bright as the community powering it.

Want to know more? 

Whether you're a retailer a business owner, community leader, or a resident passionate about our town's future, we invite you to find out more about GRIP CIC and the 2025 Group and pledge your support for the "be part of the positive" initiative. 

Let's collaborate, innovate, and create a brighter future together.

Click on the button below to find out more and express your interest. 


Get Involved in GRIP CIC and the 2025 Group

Grimsby is on the brink of an exciting transformation, and we want your business to be a part of it. The "2025 Group", backed by the commitment of GRIP, is forging the path for our town's future, ensuring that most of our regeneration initiatives see completion by the end of 2025.

Why Join Us?

By becoming a member of either GRIP CIC or the 2025 Group, there are so many benefits for you and our town:

  • You will play a pivotal role

    Play a pivotal role in influencing and shaping the town's regeneration.

    By joining our efforts, you'll not only be a part of a dynamic group of change-makers but also gain firsthand experience in steering the direction of Grimsby's future.

    Your insights, feedback, and innovative ideas will be invaluable as we work collectively towards a reimagined and vibrant town centre. Together, we can forge a legacy of progress and positive transformation for generations to come.


  • You will have a voice

    Have a voice in our "be part of the positive" initiative, promoting positive change and community pride.

    Engaging with our "be part of the positive" initiative allows you to actively champion community progress.

    Your unique perspective will amplify the narrative of positive transformation, fostering a deeper sense of unity and pride in Grimsby.

    By raising your voice, you become an essential beacon of hope, driving forward a collective vision of growth and togetherness for our town.


  • Retailers you will feel safer when you join GRIP CIC

    Being a part of GRIP grants you direct access to their shared security comms, ensuring that your business is always informed and safeguarded.

    GRIP members will benefit from:  

    Secure Information Sharing: Their members-only app provides updates on low-level crime and anti-social behaviour in the town centre, important news alerts, and upcoming events. 

     Two-Way Radios if Required: Your team can utilise these radios for immediate assistance with any safety concerns. 

    Once you become a member of GRIP CIC, you become a member of the 2025 Group. 

    You can also tap into the vast networking potential within the heart of the town centre.

    Engage with like-minded professionals, share insights, and discover collaborative opportunities that can drive your business forward, all while contributing to a stronger, united Grimsby business community.


  • Collaborating for Grimsby's Bright Future

    When you align with us, you're not just joining a group; you're becoming part of a dynamic collective of local businesses, community groups and residents who want to support the transformation of our town centre. 

    Each member brings unique insights and experiences, but we all share a singular passion: Grimsby's bright future.

    Together, we harness our collective strength, knowledge, and enthusiasm to propel our town towards greater heights of success and prosperity. 

  • Powering positive change with your support. 

    Joining the 2025 Group isn't just about membership; it's a commitment to sparking tangible transformation in Grimsby.

    By becoming part of our collective, you'll tap into a network of passionate individuals and stakeholders driven by the same goal – a thriving, vibrant Grimsby.

    Together, we'll share ideas, challenge conventions, and drive initiatives that reshape our town's landscape.

    Your expertise, insights, and vision will be invaluable in moulding the path Grimsby takes. 


  • Helping to empower Grimsby's future

    One of our long-term goals is to qualify as a Business Improvement District (BID), a UK government initiative that could unlock additional funding and resources to elevate our town centre.

    While our long-term vision would be a BID for Grimsby that all our businesses would be proud to belong to, these are small beginnings and for now we have secured some seed-corn funding through UKSPF (levelling Up) to work toward these aims. 

  • Get involved with the levelling up fund. 

    Grimsby is stepping into a new era of opportunity with its recent inclusion in the government's 'Levelling Up Fund'. 

    This fund aims to invigorate towns like ours with resources and support for growth. 

    By joining the 2025 Group, you'll play an active role in shaping Grimsby's transformation. 

    You will have the opportunity to:

    Collaborate with diverse stakeholders, from the local authority, business leaders to health professionals, and community groups. 

    Influence the utilisation of crucial funding, ensuring Grimsby's priorities are met.

    Empower our community, driving projects that make a genuine difference.

    Be at the forefront of creating a brighter, more prosperous future for Grimsby.


How to Join GRIP CIC or The 2025 Group:

Express your interest to join and contribute to our shared vision.

Feel safe and use resources available to you via a GRIP membership.

Attend our informational sessions and get to know fellow business leaders.

Engage, participate, and let's collectively work towards making Grimsby shine even brighter!

Click on the button and we will be in touch. 

Together, we have the power to build pride and positively influence the future landscape of our beloved town.

Join us today!