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Town Centre Regeneration Project News

"Discover Grimsby's town centre regeneration with the 2025 Group. Innovative projects revitalising our community and fostering economic growth."

Image Credit: Leslie Jones Architecture

Keep Up with all the Regeneration Town Centre Projects News

All the town centre regeneration projects in one place. Keep up with the latest news on the progress of each project. 

With Scaffolding 16 May 24

St James House

The scaffolding is up and the St James House development is finally underway with contractors Gelder’s winning the tender to carry out the work on this important town centre site.

Arrangements are being made and contractors are likely to be on site in April. Phase one will be complete and the building ready for occupation by December 2024.

Mark Webb,  MD of E-Factor said. With rising costs and a significant amount of survey work being required, it has been a long time coming, but thanks to the excellent support from our local council, and the diligent creativity of  ID Architecture, we are finally ready to start the much needed refurb aimed at bringing this derelict building back to life.

This iconic building, located opposite Grimsby Minster is set to become 'The Hive' – a dynamic mixed-use development breathing new life into our town centre.

This project is brought to you by E-Factor. 

It will comprise of six ground floor units in the Arches

The Business Hive club and event space will be on the 1st Floor

It will have Twenty offices on the 2nd Floor

Envisioned as a busy business hub, The Hive will not only offer modern workspace solutions but will also feature a unique rooftop garden space designed for events. (Phase 2)

This development marks a significant milestone in North East Lincolnshire's Council ongoing efforts to regenerate Grimsby, turning a once-empty structure into a vibrant centre of activity and innovation. 

More updates to come on this project as they are released. 

Horizon Youth Zone

The construction of the Horizon Youth Zone is well underway.

This fabulous project, is set to open its doors in early 2025, it promises to be a game-changer in how we support and engage with our town's younger generation.

The Horizon Youth Zone will be a fantastic facility for our youth. Designed to be a safe and inspiring space, it will offer a wide range of activities and programs tailored to nurture the talents, skills, and aspirations of young people in our community.

From sports to arts, from educational workshops to leisure activities, the Horizon Youth Zone is poised to become a hub of creativity, learning, and growth. This state-of-the-art facility represents the towns commitment to investing in the future leaders of Grimsby.

With over 20 activities planned it truly is going to be an incredibly safe space for young people to come, develop, explore the activities and have fun.

Horizon Zone received Environment Agency approval in January which has now meant they have been able to commence piling work along the river wall.   

The old river wall has been taken down, the bricks are being cleaned and will then be re-used for the new walls.   

A temporary pontoon has been put in place to help work on the river bank area.

Works to the sports hall are well underway, the piling work was completed in early December and pressure testing was carried out before Christmas. 

Steel cages for the foundations were installed in mid-January and the concreting foundations were done in February.  It took 28 days for the concrete to cure and then the steelwork installation began. 

By now you can see the frame of the sports hall in place, visible from the road, so everyone can see that the build is happening. 

Work starts on Migar House itself this month, with a lot of clearing work to do before structural work can commence.

It’s coming – and best of all, we can all now see it’s coming!  It won’t be too long before the hoardings go up with our Horizon Youth Zone signage.  It’s all very exciting.

Exciting April 2024 updates on the Horizon Youth Zone: the sports hall's concrete flooring is now complete, and sheeting is being installed on the steel frame.

River wall construction is ongoing, and refurbishment of Migar House is set to begin shortly.

The team are committed to keeping the community and youth engaged through the YPDG. 

If anyone would like any further information or would like to consider the opportunity to become Patrons of Horizon Youth Zone, then please contact Fiona (07714 693536 –  For anyone keen to watch the progression we have many posts on Horizon Youth Zone social media accounts.

More updates to come, sharing each step to the launch of this landmark project that symbolises hope, development, and the bright future of Grimsby's young people.


Projekt Renewable 

Grimsby’s first boxpark down at Alexandra Dock, Projekt Renewable, is now open.

It opened in October 2023 and is now hosting various community podcasts in it’s studio along with arts and cultural events so that children can learn all about the renewable energy sector.

Richard Askam said "Projekt Renewable will inspire the next generation of renewable energy experts through a destination full of energy and life. Creating a better environment for the future of our planet and the generations to come, with homegrown talent at its core"

Latest News:

Projekt Renewables are excited to announce that the Projekt Renewable Wind Farm Boat Trips will begin at the end of May.

If your company is interested in participating, please contact Richard Askam for details via the website below. 

The site now has additional units provided by The Crown Estate, who have invested significantly in Projekt Renewable, demonstrating a strong commitment to Grimsby's town centre development.

One of those containers is a fully equipped pop-up catering unit which you can hire.

Their F&B box includes:
- Electrical hook-up
- Hatch with timber frame
- Sink with hot water ready hook up
- Ample worktop space

Visit the Projekt Renewable to get in touch website 


Freshney Place Market Hall

A landmark regeneration project set to redefine the shopping and leisure experience in Grimsby the Freshney Place Market Hall is a really exciting project. 

The new Market Hall will be a blend of traditional market values with contemporary convenience. 

Picture an inviting space where local vendors offer fresh, quality produce and unique goods, and where community ties are strengthened in a welcoming, lively atmosphere and a place where families, friends, and visitors can enjoy memorable experiences and quality time together.

The new Freshney Place Market Hall  is a testament to NELC’s commitment to revitalising Grimsby's town centre, making it a destination of choice for shopping, leisure, and community engagement.

We will bring you more updates on this project as they happen. 


Parkway Cinema

Exciting news for film enthusiasts and the Grimsby community alike - the family behind the beloved Parkway Cinema in Cleethorpes is set to bring their cinematic magic to Grimsby town centre.

This new venture comes as part of the ambitious redevelopment of Freshney Place, marking a significant milestone in our town's regeneration journey.

Richard Parkes, director of Parkway Entertainment Ltd, expressed his delight following the approval of planning permission for the redevelopment of Freshney Place's western end.

The project, operated by Parkway Entertainment Group, is not just about bringing a new cinema to Grimsby. It represents a broader vision to rejuvenate the area with new community spaces, additional leisure facilities, and the new Market Hall.

This new cinema is poised to be a complementary counterpart to the Parkway Cinema in Cleethorpes, currently celebrated as the UK's largest independent cinema. Its introduction to Grimsby signifies an expansion in entertainment options, catering to a diverse audience and enhancing the cultural fabric of our town.

We will bring you more updates on this project as they happen. 

Riverhead Square

The Riverhead Square Project, will be a new development in the heart of Grimsby, set to be completed by Summer 2024.

The project will dramatically revitalise the existing area, infusing it with an abundance of green spaces and planting. You will have the opportunity to relax on new, comfortable seating, and enjoying the area including modern lighting.

At the core of the Riverhead Square Project is the creation of a flexible event space, equipped with improved infrastructure. This space is designed to host a variety of events and activities, becoming a central hub for community gatherings and entertainment.

The entrance to Freshney Place will feature outdoor café seating, inviting residents and visitors to enjoy a coffee and food in the fresh, open air.

This project is about creating a delightful, green sanctuary that draws people into our town centre. It's about building a vibrant, family-friendly destination that appeals to all ages, at any time of the day. 

We believe this will be a lovely space especially in the summertime and a great space for a Christmas artisian market. 


NHS Community Diagnostic Hub

The creation of a new NHS Community Diagnostic Hub at Freshney Place Shopping Centre is underway. 

The hoardings have gone up and work has started, this exciting project is expected to be fully operational by Autumn 2024, this project marks a pivotal advancement in local healthcare services.

Some key benefits of the NHS Community Diagnostic Hub:

The hub will provide a range of essential services, including non-obstetric ultrasounds, ECGs, X-rays, and various pathology and physiological tests. This means improved access to critical health diagnostics right in the town centre.

With the hub's establishment, we anticipate an additional 120,000 visitors to the town centre annually. This increased footfall is not just a boost for healthcare accessibility but also a potential uplift for local businesses and retail.

The influx of visitors seeking healthcare services at the hub will breathe new life into the area. This will enhance the overall atmosphere and appeal of our town centre.

The hub's presence in Freshney Place Shopping Centre will encourage visitors to explore and visit nearby shops and eateries, providing a much-needed boost to our local economy.

By bringing essential medical services closer to our residents, the hub underscores our commitment to the well-being and health of our community. It's a step towards ensuring that quality healthcare is easily accessible to everyone in Grimsby.

Stay tuned as we move closer to its opening and begin to experience the positive impacts it will bring to our town.

Victoria Street Regeneration 

I think we can all agree that Victoria Street, our pedestrianised high street, needs some love and attention.

Thanks to various funding sources, we are set to see significant improvements to our high street over the next 12 months.

The first funding boost came from the High Street Accelerator pilot scheme, aimed at improving the town’s future. A portion of the £237,000 allocated will be spent on Victoria Street. North East Lincolnshire Council plans to add additional lighting to the street to make it brighter in the evening.

The second pot of funding comes from the central government's Green Spaces Funding. Grimsby has been selected to receive £500,000 to revive Victoria Street and entice residents back to the town centre.

Flowers and plants will be added, and planting around street furniture will soften the landscape to create a more welcoming environment.

Two empty buildings on Victoria Street have now been renovated. Magazine World and Nidds Jewellers both look fantastic and are a welcome addition to Victoria Street.

For businesses, an improved street scene can attract new customers. For the community, it fosters a renewed sense of pride.

Well-maintained areas often see a boost in property values, while dilapidated areas can attract unwanted criminal and anti-social activities.

The old House of Fraser building on Victoria Street is the latest to join this positive transformation. Some of the windows now display images of local Grimbarians. The remaining broken windows will be replaced soon, and more images will be added, significantly enhancing the aesthetics of this area.

The 2025 Group is highly invested in building relationships with the businesses on Victoria Street and supporting them in creating a high street they are proud to operate on.

There is growing momentum behind rejuvenating our town centre, further underlining the commitment to a brighter, more vibrant Victoria Street.

Image 2

Our Big Picture

Fantastic News!

We are thrilled to share some exciting developments in our town centre.

Our Big Picture has been awarded £180,000 from Arts Council England’s Capital Investment Programme!

This remarkable achievement will enable Our Big Picture, based in the heart of Grimsby’s historic town centre marketplace, to transform its listed building into a fully accessible and inclusive creative community space for arts and heritage.

Here’s why this is such a big deal for our town:

Significant Investment: Our Big Picture will receive £180,000 as part of a share of £24.2 million awarded by Arts Council England’s Capital Investment Programme. This substantial investment underscores the importance of arts and heritage in our town.

 Historic Transformation: The funding will help convert the 300-year-old Grade II listed building on Bethlehem Street into a unique and innovative arts and heritage hub. This transformation will honour the building’s historical significance while fostering creativity and cultural enrichment in the town centre.

Community Enrichment: The new space will provide an inclusive and accessible environment for all, continuing to inspire and improve lives through arts and heritage. It will be a place where community members can gather, create, and celebrate our shared culture.

Sustainable Future: The improvements will ensure that the Heritage and Arts Hub is environmentally fit for future generations, supporting the Arts Council’s mission to build infrastructure where creativity can thrive across the country.

Additionally, we are delighted to announce the successful renovation of No.19: by Our Big Picture.

They have restored No.19, a 1st-floor flat within their Grade II listed building.

This project, part of Our Pictures's broader heritage restoration efforts, has culminated in a space that beautifully blends the old with the new, offering a unique and inviting retreat for our guests.

The refurbishment of No.19 stands as a testament to Our Big Pictures commitment to heritage and quality, providing a warm, welcoming atmosphere for visitors.

The 2025 Group are excited about the positive impact these projects will have on our town centre and look forward to seeing Our Big Picture complete the other restoration plans for this wonderful town centre building.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact Paula Denton

If you want to discuss the projects in more detail.

Click on the button to book an appointment with the 2025 Group Town Centre Ambassador.