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Revitalising Grimsby: A Day of Positive Action and Community Engagement.

Grimsby’s town centre is buzzing with a series of transformative initiatives aimed at enhancing its appeal and encouraging more people to visit the town centre.

In April, I had the privilege of joining forces with various town centre partnership agencies for an Action Day, designed to address local challenges and foster a sense of community.

Collaboration at the Core:

Paul Caswell, the new Town Centre Manager from NELC, alongside teams from Humberside Police, NELC's ASB team, WISE, and others, are making significant strides to improve the overall feel of the town centre. Monthly Action Days have been implemented to tackle pressing issues and offer support to vulnerable groups like rough sleepers and street beggars.

Engaging the Community:

During the Action Day, I engaged with diverse groups, from local businesses understanding the impact and purpose of these initiatives, to young people eager for the Horizon Youth Zone. Their energy and candid discussions about their needs and expectations are vital in shaping a town centre that truly caters to everyone.

Building Foundations for Tomorrow:

While some major projects like the new leisure area and cinema in Freshney Place are still in the planning stages and expected to complete by 2026, work on the NHS Diagnostic Centre, Horizon Youth Zone, and St James House is well underway.

The Diagnostic Centre is due to open in summer 2024, marking a significant milestone in our town centre's revitalisation.

These developments, along with ongoing initiatives like Action Days and street cleansing, are crucial in laying the foundation for a revitalised, vibrant town centre.

These efforts are essential not just for immediate improvements but for long-term prosperity and community well-being.

Keeping Grimsby Clean:

Following the Action Day, John Munson and his street cleansing team were out revitalising the streets with jet washers, turning maintenance into a routine.

This reflects our commitment to not just major transformations but also the essential upkeep that maintains the town centre’s charm and hygiene.

The 2025 Group continues to champion these efforts, encouraging everyone to contribute to maintaining the cleanliness and pride of our town centre. Together, we are crafting a Grimsby that future generations will be proud to call home.

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